Social Media Marketing for Life Coaches

If you are a coach on social media, the illusion of competition and number of followers may intimidate you. Social media marketing is a powerful tool for life coaches looking for clients and influence, but it is only lucrative when used correctly. There are plenty of coaches with thousands of followers who can’t find clients or land a sale, and plenty of coaches with less followers who have a raving fan base. Trained life coaches who use social media marketing to share their message and genuinely connect with client leads can leverage their knowledge and make a living. Use these four methods to create a high quality social media coaching brand that relies more on your strengths and less on your number of followers.


The first thing potential clients see on your coaching page is your content. This means visual photos, quotes on images, before-and-after testimonials, captions, and your stories. As a coach, it can be tempting to overload your content and post as much as you can, but what matters is the quality of your content. A fitness coach who posts daily workout shots with a vague caption is less likely to land clients than a coach who posts weekly fitness shots with a step-by-step breakdown of their workout. A life coach who posts a selfie that gets thousands of likes is less likely to land clients than a life coach who shares a quote relevant to a client problem followed by actionable steps to move past it. High quality content will attract the exact people you want to help, so focus on speaking to the problems of your future clients and offering them value on your pages.

quality over quantity social mediaEngagement

Engaging with future clients and anyone interested in your brand is a powerful way to land clients through social media. Some online coaches make the mistake of leading with sales conversations without getting to know their followers or what they truly need. By focusing less on the amount of sales messages you send on social media and more on nurturing conversations with those who follow you, you create long-lasting engagement that builds your reputation. You are more likely to land 5 high ticket clients through great conversations over time than you are by blitz-messaging 100 people with a sales pitch. Lastly, asking high quality questions through your content prompts your followers to think and connect your name with issues that matter to them. Treating your engagement on social media with the quality you’d use in person is the best way to build your loyal customer base.


Coaches can build connections on social media the same way networking is done in real life. Quality connections can grow into an online “referral” network for a coach who does it correctly. In fact, many coach training programs are now including social media literacy as part of their curriculum.

Although it is tempting to follow all famous coaches and industry experts in your field, you should consider creating a few high quality follows in your industry who can cross-pollinate content and followers with you. Perhaps if you are a fitness coach, you follow some dietitians, personal trainers, and psychologists who you engage with often and shout each other out with high quality referrals. If you are a career coach, you do the same with an industry writer, a career-centered brand, and some college career development staff. Quality connections who can refer followers to you are more valuable than following “famous” coaches who provide nothing for your business.


The last way you can leverage high quality social media marketing towards your life coaching business is to create a strong brand. When people glance at your page, it should make sense in terms of who you help and the message you spread. Branding yourself as an expert who provides knowledge on a subject attracts followers who need help with just that. Branding for a financial coach can include a bio saying, “I help working moms organize their finances and develop healthy saving habits” followed by pictures of you enjoying a financially luxurious lifestyle or your clients’ success stories. A health coach can lead with “I help young women love how they look and feel” followed by fitness tutorials, recipes, and happy client shots. Creating a high quality brand from the beginning lets your followers immediately know if you are the coach for them.

Focusing on quality in each of these areas of social media marketing will set you apart from other life coaches no matter how many followers you have. Your followers will convert into clients if you take time speaking to issues that matter to them, engaging, and providing value in every detail of your page. Stand out in your industry by focusing on quality and enjoy the rewards of a powerful coaching brand.