Shareasale offers affiliates a myriad of tools to help with promotion and marketing efforts. Today, we are going to cover deep linking (custom links) and making use of Shareasale’s license plate encoder (link shortener).

While pre-made links to many of our bags are already available, the custom linking tool is ideal for creating links to sale items, specific bag colors and/or any items that you do not see links already provided for in the Shareasale backend.

The license plate tool is essentially a link encoder/shortener (like bitly or tinyurl), and can turn any link, including your default link pointing to the Coach Training Alliance homepage, into a shortened link without “shareasale” in the url. The license plate link tool is the perfect solution for creating links to share on social media, especially Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, there is an option to include a social sharing bar with your license plate links to, which enables you to share your links in a viral manner.

Please note, unless you have a redirect script in place for your affiliate links, it is highly recommended that you use the license plate link encoder. If you are not already using a redirect script, i.e. “clean links”, please read this article on why you should and how to do it.

To create a custom, shortened link in Shareasale:

First navigate to the Coach Training Alliance links page. Click this link to do so (If you are already logged into your Shareasale account, you will be taken directly to the page. Otherwise, log into you account after going through the link, and you will be redirected to the correct page.

Click the GET LINKS tab in your affiliate home panel.

On the Coach Training Alliance links page, select the tab that says “Create Custom Link”


Next, simply paste in the url of the page you would like to link to. NOTE: Be sure to exclude the http:// from the url.

Select YES for “Create License Plate Link?” and click the “Create Custom Link” tab.

The page will refresh and you will then see your link (along with any other custom links you have, appear immediately below).


If you would like to include the social media sharing bar with your shortened link, click inside the “Suppress Social Bar Box” (where it says YES or NO) and select NO

Here is an example of link pointing to the Coach Training Alliance “Why CTA?” page with social sharing enabled (Notice the sharing bar at the top of the landing page):

This is an excellent way to give your link a viral component. You never know when a link will go viral (how it ends getting retweeted or shared), so be sure to include this option, especially when sharing your link on social media to begin with (don’t forget your hashtags!).